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Our aggregator is live and we're adding new jobs every day. We have jobs from the top crypto companies and startups. We provide you, the developer, with the best set of information to allow you to make the best decision for your career.

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We provide you with unrestricted access to jobs at top organizations, protocols, networks, DAOs, dApps and companies. We trust that you will make the right decision for yourself, and give you all the tools and information you need for this.

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Spot that Perfect Job and Get Hired by the Best Organizations in Crypto

💻Find the newest jobs in Crypto before anyone else does
💰Evaluate Financial Upside with Accurate Financial Metrics
🔧Get Technical Insights About the Job and the Project
📚Find Out Which Skills Future Colleagues can Mentor You on
🔎Narrow Down Your Options with Filtering and Sorting Features
🚫No Unclear Job Descriptions and Recruiters Spamming You
🗜Direct Contact With the Hiring Team and No Middlemen
🔒Choose Whether to Be Discovered or Stay Anonymous
⚡️Take Charge of Your Career with Zero Cost to You!
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Receive Relevant Job Applications and Source the Right Candidates

🚪Get Access to Qualified and Relevant Developers
Save Time with Automatic Job Publishing and Data Extraction
💻Your Jobs and Projects get Enriched with Relevant Data
📱Permanent Presence on Our Platform Even When Hiring is on Hold
🔌Cut Out the Middlemen and Be Contacted Directly by Developers
📝Keep Your Job Posts Accurate with Easy Editing Options
⚖️Fair and Unbiased Placement of Your Job Posts
📊Automatic Unpublishing of Your Jobsposts as they get Filled
💰Control Costs by Determining you own Hiring Bonus. 0 is OK!

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Finding a job that has the right combination of technical fit, economical upside and personal growth is hard. Recruiters are not incentivized to place you in the right job. Job ads are often long and difficult to read.

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